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All the images used on this website are in the public domain or original work. The characters in the comics have no relationship with the people or things represented in the images. Photographs have been appropriated from Wikimedia Commons Images, among other reputable places. If the copyright status changes for the any of the images, please inform us so that we can cite them as necessary.

This site was originally developed by Adam Turner and renovated by Kevin Mendoza in 2016.

The comics utilize the Futura font, created in 1927 by Paul Renner, author of the essay Kulturbolschewismus?

If you do not have Futura and want to see the site as it was intended, you can download it here.

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Each comic panel may (or may not) contain a link and/or hovertext. Everything, thusly (directly or indirectly) refers to something else, or doesn't.

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cmib offering1